Well. I'm not sure about blogging.... but here I am. I have read some incredible blogs and thought "It sounds easy enough" but now that I've had a go at one... it's not. ;o) BUT I am not a quitter (as such), SO I'm gonna give it six months and decide after that! Hope you enjoy what I manage to dig out.


ps - I am not Crafty Clever or Photographically Phenomenal but I love songs and God's Word so will paste a lot of that in here.


Things about me you might like to know...... Um,

1: I love God
2: Married. Constantly questioned God as to whether we are right together.
3: God is good and patient and hasn't minded having to tell me repeatedly "Yes!" (I have stopped asking. Now I know.)
4: Mother of one. He is INCREDIBLE. We are SO blessed. Truly.
5: I am the number two of six children. 3 boys and 3 girls (not in that order obviously)
6: Love having a big family!
7: Parents are still married.
8: As are my in-laws
9: Bossy and stubborn (not a good combination - good for me, annoying for others)
10: Proud to be Maori
11: Love my heritage
12: Love my Church (Equippers, NZ)
13: Psalm 19 is currently my Bible fave (Jan 2010)
14: I pick up other peoples sayings really easily.
15: I occasionally use text language in real life conversation.
16: Sometimes I take things too far e.g. teasing someone
17: Apparently I have "a look"
18: Have travelled the length and breadth of our beautiful country.
19: I have FIVE nieces - all ridiculously cute and each completely different personalities!
20: God is full of surprises.

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  1. Awesome!
    Welcome to blog land. I look forward to reading more and know your blog will be full of your flavour, all blogs need not be alike!
    Anya xx