Friday, April 23, 2010

Only You.

David Crowder Band

"Take My Heart, I Lay It Down
At The Feet Of You Whose Crowned
Take My Life, I’m Letting Go
I Lift It Up to You Who’s Throned

And I Will Worship You, Lord
Only You, Lord
And I Will Bow Down Before You
Only You Lord

Take My Fret, Take My Fear
All I Have, I’m Leaving Here
Be All My Hopes, Be All My Dreams
Be All My Delights, Be My Everything

And It’s Just You And Me Here Now
Only You And Me Here Now"

*deep breath followed by a deep sigh* I am so grateful to my God!
I get embarrassed at the regularity of needing God's grace poured out on me, but I am learning to love me as God loves me. 
To see me as God sees me. To honour myself as God would have me honoured. To honour others in the same way (Love thy neighbour etc) I recently listened to someone talk about the Israelites building altars all the time when they had left Egypt. He finished saying "Why did they build altars? So that from that day onwards whenever they passed them or saw them, they were reminded of what they had overcome." 
Wow! Building an altar so that they would remember what they had fought for and won!
Praise Jesus. PRAISE Jesus.
I don't know how, but I will be building altars. Whether it be in the form of a power offering or significant sacrifice, I am going to build an altar to God. Even just to say "Thank You Lord for what you have done in me."