Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let it all out!

I'm doing a lot of blabbing on Facebook, but in all truth I am speechless about the weekend I have just had at SHOUT 2011.

No seriously.

"Jesus didn't come to make bad people good... He came to make dead people live" Bruce Monk

I'm fizzing. Fizzing.


  1. SERIOUSLY - you were up and I didn't get to meet you!!?? I was mainly in the kids area!

  2. Hey lovely, just reacquainting myself with your blog at long last - school holidays and sick bugs have meant lots of downtime on the!

    I missed Shout, sooooo absolutely GUTTED about that, especially after reading everyone's comments on FB about how good it was, and now here on your blog too. So sucky to have been to sick to go. Maybe you'll just have to do a blog-post about the 'best bits' for the rest of us to read! haha